What readers say…

I find the book as a good companion to reading the Torah. It’s definitely good for those already familiar with the Bible but has little understanding of Jewish context. It’s not too in depth but highlighting the essentials for further research and study for those who want to go even deeper. Paul – Australia.

I love the book Maxine and again congratulate you on such a fine work which gives us Christians a greater appreciation of the Torah and some insight into Rabbinic teaching. Fay – Australia

! I have been reading this book and enjoyed it very much. It gives a good insight in the book of Leviticus. So I will warmly recommend this book to you all. Wim – Israel

Gleaning in Ancient Fields is a handy guide and reference while studying the first five books of the Bible. Maxine Carlill does a very good job of compiling insights from the sages, Hebrew word studies, and various factual tidbits that bring the Scriptures alive. This is an excellent resource to keep in hand while simply reading through the books of Moses. Margy – USA

LOVE YOUR BOOK!  Have ordered 5, giving 4 to friends.  Jane – USA

Thanks for taking the time to write it. I can’t think of another work like it, I’ve learnt lots. Daniel – Australia

An Amazing book, will be buying them for Christmas presents. Arlene – USA

What a valuable tool for Christians seeking to discover the Hebrew roots of our Christian faith. Because of her conversational presentation, it is so easy to grasp the cultural background and understandings Maxine brings to our study. Dianne – Australia

Maxine’s book is well researched, and very readable to people wanting to increase their knowledge of God’s ways, in order to draw closer to Him and to be his witness in the place He has designed for us. I thoroughly recommend this book. Heather – Australia

It’s along the lines of the integrity of scripture and almost a simplicity of looking at Torah, rather than it being beyond comprehension not to mention how much it sheds light on Messiah and the Gospel. Christine – Australia

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