A Christians Guide to the First Five Books of the Bible

Gleaning in Ancient Fields

If you get stuck in Leviticus or other parts of the Torah

if you wonder as a non-Jewish Believer in the God of Israel what to do with the ‘law’

if you are beginning a journey of discovery of the Jewish roots of your faith

this book is for you!

“All Scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for teaching…”

2 Timothy 3:16

This declaration, stated before there was a New Testament, is referring to the Hebrew Scriptures which we call the Old Testament and includes the First Five Books of Moses – the Torah.  Yet these Books are often neglected or thought to be no longer relevant.  It is true that much of what we think of as ‘law’ was meant for the Jewish people alone who are called to obey the details spelt out through Moses.  However, embedded within these Books are patterns, principles and pictures that the Torah Giver intended for all to follow.  This book is to help you discover them. 

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Gleaning in Ancient Fields will start you on a journey of exploration.


You will discover treasures in the First Five Books of the Bible that you did not know were there.


Patterns, principles and pictures that are the directions for your walk with the God of Israel, are embedded within these Books

“The delight of the Torah is ignited by an inner awareness. A man begins to sense the great tapestry of each letter and point. Every concept and content, every notion and idea, of every spiritual movement, of every vibration, intellectual and emotional, from the immediate and general to the distant and detailed, from matters lofty, spiritual, and ethical according to their outward profile, to matters practical, obligatory, seemingly frightening, and forceful, and at the same time complex and full of content and great mental exertion – all together become known by a supernal holy awareness.”

Abraham Isaac Kook

Reading from a Torah Scroll

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My passion is to help Christians draw the wonderful treasures for the first five books of the Bible, referred to in Judaism as the Torah. My book will do just that.

Gleaning in Ancient Fields
A Christian’s Guide to the First Five Books of the Bible
by Maxine Carlill

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